Le toast de Londres (French Edition)

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Magee, Kevin Makinde, Olumide Mandel, Tom Manzano Labrador, Sean Martin, C. Chris and Julia Drescher McGee, Kevin McGinnes, Mac McLennan, Rob McNaughton, Duncan Messerli, Douglas Metzler, William Metz and Barbara Bedell Miami University Art Museum Mills College Katherine Crum Milne, Drew Mindin, Sarah Mirosevich, Toni Monk, Geraldine Moore, Christine ca.

Moriarty, Laura and undated. Moriarty, Laura and Nick Robinson Moriarty, Mae Morrison, Yedda Morrow, Brad Conjunctions Moure, Erin Moxley, Jennifer and Steve Evans Murray, Beth Mutton, Paul Prismatic Nakell, Martin Nancy, Jean-Luc and undated. Naropa University Neilson, Melanie Big Allis Neveu, Chantal New Langton Arts Newman, Denise Newman, Gloria The New York Public Library Ngai, Siane Nielsen, Aldon Nimier, Marie and Franck David Nolan, Kevin Northern, Michael Now, Ruth Hemorrhagingimaging O-blek Connell McGrath O'Hara, Frank and James Schuyler Olson, John Otis College of Art and Design Palmer, Sarah Park-Rogers, Felicia Perloff, Marjorie Petlin, Irving Petrick, Howard Pettit, Bill Phillips, Dennis Pivirotto, Kalicia The Poetry Project Poetry Society of America Portugal, Anne Poucel, Jean-Jacques Pozner, Daniel Pressed Wafer Bill Corbett Pughe, Debra D.

Pughe, Verona Pughe and undated. Pughe, Verona Pughe - Reproductions of artworks undated. Pujas, Esteban undated. Pushcart Press Quarter After Eight Matthew Cooperman Quartermain, Peter and Meredith Raddle Moon Susan Clark Ramke, Bin Denver Quarterly Ratcliffe, Stephen Raworth, Tom Retallack, Joan Riggs, Sara and Omar Berrada Ritchie, Jim Rivera, Elena Roberts, Suzi Robinson, Elizabeth Robinson, Kit Robinson, Nick Roffe, Mercedes Ronk, Martha Rooftop Films Rosenberg, Marc and Sandy Rosenthal, Sarah Rosenwasser, Rena and Penny Cooper Rosenzweig, Phyllis Primary Writing Rotenberg, Tina Bettina Rothenberg, Jerome and Diane Roubaud, Jacques Rova Saxophone Quartet Roy, Camille Megan Adams Royaumont Foundation General note.

Original artwork on French placemat ca.

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Russo, Linda Saidenberg, Jocelyn Saint Mary's College of California San Francisco Cinematheque Scalapino, Leslie Scalapino, Leslie and Tom White Schaefer, Standard Schelling, Andrew Schulman, Sarah Scott, Giles David Giles Scott Searls, Damion Sears, Olivia Two Lines Selby, Spencer Selland, Eric Shapiro, David undated. Shiroma, Jerrold Shurin, Aaron and undated.

Sikelianos, Eleni Sikkema, Michael Horse Less Press Silva, Petronille and Cuti Nicholas Simas, Joseph Simon, Cathy Slacik, Anne Sloan, Mary Margaret Margy Small Press Distribution, Inc. SPD Small Press Traffic Smart, Ariana Smith, Dale and Hoa Nguyen Smith, G. Sterrett Smith, Wayne Snow, Carol Sonbert, Warren Soucie, Lily Iona Stalling, Jonathan Stein, Suzanne Stengel, Jill Stowell, Phyllis Strauss, David Levi and undated. Swenson, Cole Taggart, John Talbot, Augusta and Eli Noyes Tartine Catherine Lorin and Regis Tillet Taylor, John Tejada, Roberto Thackrey, Susan Torra, Joseph Trachtenberg, Amy and undated.

Trachtenberg, Amy - Original collage and photocopy reproductions Trachtenberg family Trafika Michael Lee Tremblay-McGaw, Robin Tysh, Christine and George Ugly Duckling Presse Correspondence and CD University of Arizona Poetry Center University of California, Berkeley University of California Press UC San Diego University of San Francisco May. Van Cleve, Julia and Michael Kronebush Vangelisti, Paul Ribot Ventabren Art Contemporain Julien Blaine Vicuna, Cecilia Wagstaff, Christopher Waldman, Anne Waldrop, Rosmarie and Keith Wall-Romana, Christophe Ward, Diane Primary Writing Watkins, Ben Watten, Barrett and Carla Harryman Welish, Marjorie Wesleyan University Press White, Naomi and Joshua Jo Jo Whitney, Stanley Williams, Rachel Windey, Paul and Olivia Custer Wing, Nat and Betsy Witz Writing Norton and Co.

Zasterle Press Manuel Brito Zeifman, Jesse Zeifman, Stephen Zink Magazine Zellerbach Family Foundation Zellerbach, Linda Burns Catching Letters and Joker Lives Circular Poem undated. Coleman Hawkins Ornette Coleman Contrafact Desire and its Double Destitution: A Talk in Two Parts undated.

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Do the Monkey Dreams of Local Honey undated. Fin for Claude Royet-Journoud undated. From the Vence Notebook July. The General and Animal Specifics undated. Harriet the Blog: The Poetry Foundation In Memoriam Jacques Derrida undated. In Our Own Backyard Itinerary's Control undated. Little Songs of Medor Mace Hill Remap Mars Memoire Artificielle undated. Translation by Jacques Demarq undated.

Metamorphopsia Moira My Bird Book Mystery of the Holograms, or Asterisme Natural Light - Reviews Not in the Nature of Things "New Par" undated. Odille and Odette undated. Pages from Mercury, Saturn and Mars. Shearsman 5 Paper House Poemas a Saisir undated. Porno Murder Poetry The Provinces undated. Quotable Gestures The Rung Sonata undated.

Guide to the Gerald Stern Papers, 1920s-2012 SC.2007.04

Scout Serenity - Little House undated. Shuts Another undated. Spinoza in her Youth Vois ci - for PV ca. The Vulgar Tongue Where Shadows Will: Selected Poems Poems and undated. Poems and artwork undated. Poems and drawings Sentences for Travelers undated. Three Words About It undated. Baron, Dennis. Grammar and Gender Fuller, William.

The Sugar Borders Winter. Miller, David. Spiritual Letters Scalapino, Leslie. Crowd and Not Evening or Light Seidenberg, Steven.

Dear Anxiety Lyric Video // Clayton Jennings

Itch Absorption or a Noun of Action The Arousal of Language and the Imponderables of Desire undated. Blue Notes "For Show and Tell. Book Report for Laura notes for Laura Moriarty undated.

  • Rhythmic cognition in humans and animals: distinguishing meter and pulse perception.
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  • New College Lecture Concerning Yoko Ono Dear Class February. Error of Locating Events in Time Forever Amber. Conversation with Amber DiPietra undated. For Lorine Niedecker. Conjunctions A Game for Carla Harryman undated. American Poet 39 Fall. Go to School: Politics of Language How Time Happens If I'm Asleep undated. If It Were Christa Wolf.

    Sulfur Spring. Instances of Time: Poetry and Performance undated. In the Time of Prosody. Introductory Remarks, Browning Society February 4. Introduction: Reading 'Rosetta' for the First Time.

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    Canessa Park January The Irreconcilability of Everything undated. Lines Quoted in Talk undated.

    Modernist Women Writing. Master copy Spring.


    Nines and Tens: A Talk on Translation. Raddle Moon 11 Introductory remarks for panel honoring Robin Blaser, Vancouver, June Notes for Remap September. Notes on Translation undated.