Le toast de Londres (French Edition)

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The beginning and intermediate books in the series provide glosses, or translations, for the vocabulary list at the end of each chapter. But the advanced textbook does not. There is a Spanish-English glossary at the end of the book that students can use to look up words. Moreover, I found some mistakes, or at least weaknesses, in the glosses:.

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I photocopied these onto yellow paper — a teaching trick I picked up somewhere along the way. This drives home their ubiquity, and also makes false cognates stand out. When I told a colleague about my approach, she was mildly horrified. Strangely, the best solution for me in such cases is often anti-analytic. The more far-fetched, the better. In-law terms were a mixed bag for me. My own mother-in-law is an exception, thank goodness.

I had more trouble with other in-law terms. And the propagation of the family line is, after all, the point of acquiring these relations. An aspirador creates suction. I guess the moral here is that one should always research etymology when dealing with a stubborn word. Each time I see one of these words in context it becomes a little more distinct. Then I can go on to the next hurdle! There is always more to learn. This novel is unbelievably rich in vocabulary.

The random page was p. Although it is practically impossible to indicate every single source of error, we suggest that more attention should be paid to them in academic syllabi. The results obtained with some exercises we have designed consisting of identification and translation of contextualized FF are encouraging.

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Cognates vs False Cognates

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Cognates & Cognate Linguistics

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ELT through Cognates

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The Linguistic Review

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