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However, in an unprecedented move, the Director of Publications appealed almost immediately against the ban his own committee had imposed and appointed a panel of literary experts to evaluate the literary merit of the novel.

Publication: Vaisseaux de l'espace de l'an à l'an

The ban was consequently lifted in October She was fully aware that the Censorship Board could deprive her of her South African readership, her novel The Late Bourgeois World had been banned in the sixties, and she also knew that it was a criminal offence, punishable by a prison sentence, to quote from a banned book or even to publicly name a banned person.

Although self-censorship is rarely discussed, in places such as apartheid South Africa it undoubtedly plays a role in the creation of literary works. Gordimer was not trying to write a propaganda text but she was very aware of the ideological role of the writer in South Africa. History evidences it. Ideology demands it. Society exacts it. This paper considers three different ways in which Gordimer uses intertextuality. First, as a means of making a political statement, secondly as a way of questioning English literary hegemony and finally as a means of creating a new way of communicating by incorporating visual art forms into a literary text.

Nevertheless, it was immediately obvious to South African readers that the character of Lionel Burger was based on the Afrikaner activist Bram Fischer who was sentenced to life imprisonment in and released only when it was clear he was dying of cancer. Although as he was a banned person it was prohibited to name Bram Fischer or to quote him, it was not an offence to write a novel based on a real-life character. These passages are not differentiated in any way from the surrounding text — there are no quotation marks, no introductory verbs and Fischer is never named.

Technically therefore, as far as the Censorship Board was concerned, Gordimer could argue that they were not quotations but in fact Gordimer was taking considerable risks. The aim of using intertextuality was thus not to stimulate comparison but to disseminate ideas, to encourage people to think and thereby to lead them to question the status quo. This tract, which reminds blacks of what happened on June 16 th and encourages them to continue the fight, is reproduced in extenso, complete with spelling mistakes.

Its presence was picked up by the Censorship Board, although, curiously, when they unbanned the novel they claimed that they did not know whether this was a copy of the prohibited document or not. Gordimer on the other hand, has drawn attention to its status as a genuine document on several occasions:.

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I reproduced this document because my stylistic integrity as a writer demanded it: it is a necessary part of the book as a whole. I reproduced it because it is sometimes essential, for the total concept of a work of fiction, to incorporate blunt documentary evidence in contrast to the fuller, fictive version of events. The Black Consciousness movement refused all collaboration with whites and criticised them for speaking in the place of the blacks. White writers therefore found themselves caught in a double bind. Metatextuality is used by Gordimer to solve the problem of how to represent violence.

In an article in the New York Times , J. As far as the plot is concerned, this is what finally makes Rosa decide to leave South Africa but it in fact recalls several earlier texts. Her last words contain a reference to the setting sun. In her prison letters Rosa Luxembourg appears not as a militant socialist and theoretical writer but as a sensitive, emotive person deeply affected by the natural world:. I feel so much more at home even in a scrap of garden like the one here […] than at one of our party congresses.

I can say that to you, for you will not promptly suspect me of treason to socialism! You know that I really hope to die at my post in a street fight or in prison. But my innermost personality belongs more to my tomtits than to my comrades 9. It is here that her vision of the donkey occurs.

It is not an image of suffering but one of peace:. Beside her strides a bearded man whose demeanour is calm and confident. Both are silent. You would take your oath that they are the Holy Family Get A Copy. Hardcover , 64 pages. More Details Original Title. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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Question of method : translating questionnaires.

More filters. Sort order. May 22, Scarlett Readz and Runz And this is where the true space race of takes place. The secret lies in the Aether, a substance that is well known, but hard to come by. Seraphin's mother, a fearless entrepreneur, prepares for a hot air balloon ascend of the highest measure in history, in Unfortunately, things don't go so well, and her logbook was found a year later 3.

Unfortunately, things don't go so well, and her logbook was found a year later without her. Seraphin and his father try to go about their business without mother until a mysterious letter arrives by mail. It is directing them to come to the Castle of the Swans in Bavaria if they want to have the logbook. But at the train station on the day they are about to leave, some secretive men try to intervene their departure and make them go to Berlin. Seraphin's father is quick to act, and they get away narrowly escaping the danger.

The question is, why was someone trying to divert them?

What is the importance of the logbook? King Ludwig, Sissi and other side kiks bring this era back in a charming yet futuristic way. The illustrations are beautiful, the adventure is engaging and the novel ends on a cliffhanger!

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  • How can you not want to read more. View 2 comments. I really enjoyed this story. There is a substance called Aether which can power ships like a modern ship. They are taking balloons into space basically. It's set in So, not based on any science. This is for the middle grade set. It takes place at the Bavarian castle in Germany. I enjoy how they bring elements together from the time to make this new story. Great art. It has a very romantic style to it. A boy named Seraphin is at the heart of the story. His mother disappeared searching for I really enjoyed this story.

    His mother disappeared searching for Aether and now he is pulled into the nations race to get this substance. Very entertaining. What if man journeyed into space in , not ? We summon you to pick up this book and take to the skies along them for a fantastical ride!

    Nice art, good adventure, interesting setting. The characters are a bit generic so far, but that may change as we spend more time with them. This is definitely a "beginning" book with the main adventure barely underway at the end.

    Jules Verne meets Miyazaki, indeed. It's an incredibly apt description, one that I had in mind as I was reading it, before seeing the exact same thing on the blurb here at Goodreads. This is the first of three books, and it's a bit heavy on the exposition, a bit slow. But I found mix of aethernautics and espionage quite interesting enough to keep me reading, and the art is just gorgeous. King Ludwig you know, the Mad, with the castles? Empress Elisabeth also shows up, but I'm less certain about her characterization.

    A very nice steampunk comic. A steampunk, graphic novel? Well described as a cross between Japanese manga and Jules Verne, this book has been translated from French to English. At the heart of the story is the mysterious element of aether, which is thought to be usable to power ships for interplanetary travel.


    They are invited to Germany to retrieve her journal, and A steampunk, graphic novel? They are invited to Germany to retrieve her journal, and then asked to assist in making a spaceship work. However, there are subversive elements in play. I think smaller pages would have improved the story, which seemed helter-skelter, but I liked the illustrations and look forward to the sequel being translated. Wow, this was fantastic.

    I saw this beautiful Graphic Novel last year for the first time and fell immediately in love with the stunning artwork.. Now a few month later I finally own this beauty and am still in love. It's the hard task of our archaeology. Fiction and representation of space in french-speaking black africa.

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    Des l'espace du roman la fiction commence a devenir au fur et a mesure une modalite esthetique mimesis et figuration , un probleme ethique et un lieu ideologique de la mise en texte et en oeuvre de l'espace-temps en de l'afrique noire francophone. L'espace du roman devient un lieu privilegie de prise en compte et d'expression des enjeux et des preoccupations de l'actualite africaine en meme temps que de prise en charge de l'histoire et de l'histoire de l'afrique noire francophone.