Le toast de Londres (French Edition)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS or Mormon church) professes to be a Christian church. However, a careful comparison of basic doctrinal.

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I dare not call him theefe, but sure he is one of these taking fellowes. Marry content neighbour, let vs sleepe.

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Enter Robin. BOTH: How now, neighbor, whats the matter? Why I see thou art a plaine Clowne. I am sure all we gentlemen Clownes in Kent scant go so Well: Sownes, you know clownes very well: Heare you, are you maister Constable?

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It is too late to walke now. Sownes, I am one of the kings liege people. What althogh he be a rude youth, and likely to giue occasion, yet you might haue con- sidered that he is a Prince, and my sonne, and not to be halled to prison by euery subiect. HENRY 4: Or else God forbid, otherwise you might thinke me an unequall Judge, hauing more affection to my sonne, then to any rightfull iudgement.

And thus most humbly beseeching your Maiestie to thinke of our answere. Oh my sonne, a Prince thou art, I a Prince indeed, And to deserue imprisonment, And well haue they done, and like faithfull subiects: Discharge them and let them go. What need you to ask, and haue it in writing. CLERK: Why then Cuthbert Cutter, I indite thee by the name of Cuthbert Cutter, for robbing a poore carrier the 20 day of May last past, in the fourteen yeare of the raigne of our soueraigne Lord King Henry the fourth, for setting vpon a poore Carrier vpon Gads hill in Kent, and hauing beaten and wounded the said Carrier, and taken his goods from him.

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I must goe about my businesse my selfe, and you must stand loytering here. Of my word my Lord, he did it but in iest. In faith, he shall be hangd in earnest. In faith he shall be hangd in iest. And please your grace the law must passe on him, According to iustice, then he must be executed. Why man, you are Lord chiefe Justice of England. JUSTICE: Your Grace hath said truth, therfore in striking me in this place, you greatly abuse me, and not me onely, but also your father: whose liuely person here in this place I doo represent.

And therefore to teach you what prerogatiues meane, I commit you to the Fleete, untill we haue spoken And straight enters again.

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I thinke that thou art one of these Worenday Clownes. Nay, Cobler, weele haue you ringde. TOM: by gogs blood it did me good to see it, It made his teeth iarre in his head. By gogs wounds, ile be the brauest Lord chiefe Justice That euer was in England. HENRY 5: Then Ned, ile turne all these prisons into fence Schooles, and I will endue thee with them, with landes to maintaine them withall: then I wil haue a bout with my Lord chiefe Justice: thou shalt hang none but picke purses and horse stealers, and such base minded villaines, but that fellow that will stand by the high way side couragiously with his NED: But whither are ye going now?

TOM: But I doubt he wil not die.

35 Best Toyo Harada (Valiant Comics) images in | Valiant comics, Comics, Comic books

TOM: I pray you my Lord, what may be the meaning thereof? But we stand prating here too long. I must needs speake with my father, therefore come away.

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NED: Shall I cut off his head? Oh my sonne, my sonne, no sooner out of one prison, but into an other. I had thought once, whiles I had liued to haue seene this noble Realme of England flourish by thee my sonne, but now I see it goes to ruine and decaie. Pardon sweete father, pardon: the least thing and most desir'd [desire, Q. Not a word: ah he wil not speak one word! A[h] Harry, now thrice unhappie Harry! I wil go take me into some solitarie place, and there lament my sinfull life, and when I haue done, I wil laie me downe and die. Hearesta, Do D. Why, what wil my neighbors say, and thou go away so?

I wil proue it, that I wil. John, marke the tale wel John, and when I was set, She brought me a dish of rootes, and a peece of barrel butter therein: and she is a verie knaue. And thou a drab if thou take her part.

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Nay, and it be no worse, we will go home againe, Scene 8 [Enter the King with his Lords. But good my Lords, remember my last wil and Testament concerning my sonne, for truly my Lordes, I doo not thinke but he wil proue as valiant and victorious a King, BOTH: Let heauen and earth be witnesse betweene vs, if we accomplish not thy wil to the uttermost. Enter the Prince.

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Nay but why doo I not go to the Chamber of my sick father, to comfort the melancholy soule of his bodie: his soule said I, here is his Now thrice accursed Harry, that hath offended thy father so much, and could not I craue pardon for all. Oh my dying father, curst be the day wherin I was borne, and accursed be the houre wherin I was begotten, but what shal I do? BOTH: And please your grace, the crown is taken away. HENRY 4: The Crowne taken away, Good my Lord of Oxford, go see who hath done this deed: No doubt tis some vilde traitor that hath done it, To depriue my sonne, they that would do it now, Would seeke to scrape and scrawle for it after my death.

I had thought the last time I had you in schooling, I had giuen you a lesson for all, And do you now begin againe? Why tel me my sonne, Doest thou thinke the time so long, that thou wouldest haue it before the Breath be out of my mouth? HENRY 4: Stand vp my sonne, Thine answere hath sounded wel in mine eares, For I must need confesse that I was in a very sound sleep, And altogither unmindful of thy comming: But come neare my sonne, And let me put thee in possession whilst I liue, That none depriue thee of it after my death.

HENRY 5: Howsoeuer you came by it, I know not, But now I haue it from you, and from you I wil keepe it: And he that seekes to take the Crowne from my head, Let him looke that his armour be thicker then mine, Or I will pearce him to the heart, Were it harder then brasse or bollion. Now trust me my Lords, I feare not but my sonne Will be as warlike and victorious a Prince, As euer raigned in England. The King dieth. Scene 9 [Enter the Theefe. It is because the writer of the Merlin interpolation into Orderic is Henry Blois.

Orderic mentions Guortemirus and his brothers and Arthur; along with his twelve battles as all appearing in Gildas-Nennius and Bede.

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Henry knows the battles are not in Bede and yet are in Nennius. He uses the same ploy in HRB several times trying to establish what is in the Nennius manuscript was in fact written by Gildas. It is hardly likely that Orderic would assert such a thing. The only person to propagate these inaccuracies establishing a corroborative false history in different manuscripts is Henry Blois.

It is Henry Blois establishing corroborative sources, especially by propagating the work of Nennius under the name of the respected Gildas. This is evidenced in that we next learn that the Saxons drove the Britons into Cornwall. Even though it is admitted that Orderic did not write his book chronologically, the passage feigns to be written before December Through it Neustria shall lose both islands, and be shorn of her former dignity.

Then the citizens shall return to the island. Scholars genuinely believe that in the twelfth century certain chroniclers Geoffrey being the prime candidate thought that the authorship of the work of Nennius was wrongly apportioned to Gildas. Gildas is put in direct association with Arthur in Life of Gildas which we know was written by Henry. This is why I just leave Nennius to stand as it is… because I think it genuinely speaks to Arthur the Warlord. Gildas was never at Glastonbury and it is Henry Blois who posits that he was at Glastonbury abbey in interpolations into GR3 and DA to concur with the episode where Gildas is said to have been present at Glastonbury in Life of Gildas.

Nennius was a genuine work which bears witness to Arthur the un-chivalric and it also has Vortigern and two serpents from which Henry is witnessed to have used as a template for the splice into HRB, for the preamble to the prophecies see appendix Nennius does not mention Merlin in connection with these serpents.


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The author of HRB is keen that we should accept Gildas as the real author of Nennius and so here in the passage above in Orderic, the same polemical gambit is played. Should anyone desire to learn more of these events and the fortunes of the Britons, he should peruse the books of Gildas the British historian, and Bede the English writer, in which the reader will find allusive narrative of the acts of Vortimer and his brothers with those of the valiant Arthur, who fought twelve battles against the English. We are told that Merlin showed Vortigern a pond in the middle of the floor, and in the pond two vessels.

They did not!!!