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C: Oh my. R: Yeah. C: Have you learned how to do that since? C: I see.

SCIENCE FICTION BOOK SIGNING: Peter F. Hamilton and Stephen Baxter

What grade do you teach? R: Grades 11 and 12 this year. I teach quite a few electives. C: How many markets did you submit to before it was accepted? I made the princely sum of ten dollars for the second story that I sold. C: Token markets, yeah. I have many stories, I have stories that have gotten rejected many times. C: Gotcha. C: Maybe that is why it goes so quick when you start getting down to the semi-pro, right? Have you had pieces that just never sold? As far as conflicts with my teaching job, I think being an English teacher, being a teacher does help because you have lots of time off.

C: Right. So that helps, I think.


I try to have a lot of stuff that I put together during the school year, and then during the summer I polish it up and make it saleable. So you, basically, do your rough work through the school year? R: No, not really. How would you say writing has influenced your work as a teacher, and going the other way? R: I do teach a creative writing class now, so it certainly helps in that way. The students are impressed that I published a book.

I could make more being a Wal-Mart greeter than that. A number of my writing has been take offs on that, or tangents off of that. I do that a lot, I do some stories based on myths. I like to have fun with the stories. That story got rejected 32 times.

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C: Ouch! R: It was close several times. That sorta thing happens a lot. So I may get five stories, back to back, that are all about death. It may be that there were six stories submitted today that had a similar voice.

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In the last nine years, maybe four or five in all that time. One of the ones that I got, I misunderstood what the person was saying and I made the story worse.

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C: Not on the short story front, anyways. R: Right. Do you have any stories to share?

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But I had a student who, his background was totally different from mine. I was teaching at a vocational school and he was from Queens, New York. African American kid and he loved to write. He wrote all the time. And not too many of the people at the school, of his peers, were impressed by that. As a matter of fact, they thought that it was unmanly. I think for him, I really made a difference because I read his stuff, I gave him feedback, when I went to Brazil he sent me a manuscript of a novel he wrote. I praised it and pointed out things that could improve it, but I lost track of the kid.

One time I was, couple of years after I got that manuscript, I was at Kennedy airport and I had some time so I gave him a call. R: It was a weird phone call with the mother though, she… it felt like something bad had happened. C: Ouch. That would feel good. One of the liberating things, for me, about speculative fiction, was that it got me away from tracing my life.

Being an English major and English teacher, I was prejudiced against science fiction for a long time. Slowly, I got away from that. I started getting science fiction again, reading it, and writing it. Before I was writing New Yorker type stuff, not quality-wise, just the plots were very subtle. It forced me to use my imagination more.

R: Yeah, because before it would be themes that were affecting me directly, and that was limiting. One of the stories that I wrote, one of the comedies I wrote, I based on a quality that one of my friends had. He told me once, he was a shy guy, and he told me whenever he went out on a date, he wrote out all the questions and answers he was gonna say.

C: Oh my gosh, okay. In the middle of climate-change crises, there is no mood for space-exploration stunts - but Reid Malenfant, elderly, once a shuttle pilot and frustrated would-be asteroid miner, decides to go take a look anyway. Nothing more is heard of him. But his ex-wife, Emma Stoney, sets up a trust fund to search for him the next time the Kernel returns…. By Earth is transformed. A mere billion people are supported by advanced technology on a world that is almost indistinguishable from the natural, with recovered forests, oceans, ice caps.

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It is not an age for expansion but it is supposedly the future we all hoped for. But now, years on, the Kernel returns, what will earth find in wait for them? What secrets of the past will it reveal? Stephen Baxter is the pre-eminent science fiction writer of his generation. He has co-written with Terry Pratchett and Arthur C.

Clarke and written official sequels to the works of scifi greats including HG Wells. Born in he has degrees from Cambridge and Southampton.

Add to Calendar. View Map View Map. Find out more about how your privacy is protected. Nov Hamilton and Stephen Baxter by Blackwell's Manchester. Sales Ended. Event description. Even if it means preparing for a future this generation will never see… Peter F. Michael Benson's page book explores, in remarkable detail, the conception, creation and aftermath of A Space Odyssey as the iconic space epic turns After Kubrick saw his dinner guests to the door at the end of the evening, he rang Clarke an hour later, instructing the writer to "Get rid of [Sagan].