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How to Manage Spam E-mail with Apple Mail

Add to cart. Log In. Remember me Forgot Password? You'll have to train applications that use this method! Here's how it works: The probability that an email is spam, given that it has certain words in it, is equal to the probability of finding those certain words in spam email, times the probability that any email is spam, divided by the probability of finding those words in any email. Generally speaking, Bayesian spam filtering will probably provide the best defensive against spam.

However, now that junk mail messages have started relying heavily on images, Bayesian spam filtering is less effective than it used to be. Spammers have also starting pasting valid text i. This text doesn't make any sense, but it ruins the probability that Bayesian filtering relies on.

Using Apple Mail’s Junk Mail filter

Apple's Mail application ships with a built-in spam filter that uses latent semantic analysis. We'll be honest with you: Mail's filtering is far from perfect. But it'll do in a pinch, and it's a nice option if you don't want to spend weeks training another anti-spam application.

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The Junk Mail feature works pretty well straight out of the box! This is probably the first and last spam filtering application you'll ever need. If you train it correctly, it'll bust spam like none other! That's it!

You've successfully configured SpamSieve to filter your spam. Now you're a Mac spam-buster! Matthew Cone is a technical writer living and working in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

MailWasher Free - The Popular Free Spam Blocker, Used By Millions

In his free time, he does the desert rat thing and hikes and road bikes around the Southwest. The rest of the time, he studies straw-bale houses, reads Anarchist philosophy, and pretends to not be working. You can email him at: matt macinstruct. Only use this option if you are receiving emails you requested. Do not include your primary email address on your website.

Spammers use sophisticated applications to crawl the web in search of email addresses they can then use at random to send spam emails. If you do include your address on your web site there are ways to disguise it such as by spelling out the symbol, etc. The best safeguard is to not publicize your primary email address, the one you use for only the most important communications. Do not share your primary password on bulletin boards or online forums. Just as with web pages, spammers can use software to scan these online communities for email addresses they can add to their databases.

Avoid using your primary email address in online forms. It is recommended that you use a secondary email address when you sign up for online services or make purchases online.

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