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If they have head and then multiply those dollar amounts by 70 head, it is a big cost.

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They lost a calf crop, and all their hay and their grass. I feel so bad for all those guys running momma cows. I run stockers instead of momma cows. Replacing the cattle lost will take years to accomplish. Another massive challenge is the damage to fences.

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My ranch alone lost 20 miles of fence. Some of the guys have to totally repair fence. The 6,acre ranch had more than cows in a cow-calf operation and is now left with around 40 un-burnt acres. Another fire started to the north 15 or 20 miles. The wind was out of the south and then it switched from the north.

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That is when the fire that hit this place came south. It was moving 60 to 70 miles per hour with the wind gusts. The only way we could save cows was mainly with getting them to wheat fields. It is hard to understand just how bad it is burnt until you get here and look at it. Thousands of loads of donated hay, feed, and fencing supplies have crowded the streets of the tiny towns of Clark County. A sea of volunteer workers has flooded the parched landscape of the area with helping hands from around the nation.

The Meadowlark’s Song

It has been truly unimaginable for the locals. John Kellenberger, D. South Dakota weather is a funny, fickle thing. Last year, we had almost a full month of spring by mid-April.

It is obvious that Old Man Winter wants to stick around a bit longer this time around. The persistent icy and snowy weather has me antsy for spring to really get here.

Other blackbirds, meadowlarks, cowbirds; grackles and new world oriole

I think the wildlife is ready too. Meadowlarks are said to be sons of the south wind in some Native American legends. Lakota tradition also says that meadowlarks actually sang in the Lakota tongue.

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I remember as a kid being outside working on the lawn or the garden for mom and hearing a rather boisterous meadowlark singing his tune over and over. I soon found myself adding words to his notes. My uncle spent a good deal of time helping our neighbor herd sheep along the Moreau River breaks when he was a young man. He was a good whistler and taught himself to mimic the birds he heard while killing time on the prairie.

I remember when I first heard him whistle like a meadowlark. I was amazed at how good he was at it and every family gathering for the next few years, I tried to get him to do it again and again. Meadowlarks have some serious pipes too. Last year when I was sitting in a prairie chicken blind somewhere in the Fort Pierre National Grasslands, a lone meadowlark decided to perch on the blind just after sunup. I was shocked at how loud his song was. Now I understand why you can hear the song long before you see the bird on still spring mornings.

Their famous songs make them a pretty popular bird.

♫ Western meadowlark - song / call / voice / sound.

Your Account Contact Us. Join our Birding Community Get birding information, exclusive offers, and more! Melodious Meadowlarks: Birds of the Open Country. Habits and habitat Most small songbirds hop on the ground, but the Meadowlark walks. Where to find them Most Western and Eastern Meadowlarks are "year round" birds, but those that spend summers in far northern states will migrate short distances south where food is more abundant. Featured Product. Related Articles. How Birds Use Songs and Calls to Communicate Backyard birds use different vocalizations when attracting a mate or warning of trouble.

Things to Know About the Field Sparrow Locate this bird, common in open fields and backyards, by its "bouncing" song.