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John J. Wynne from Cleveland, OH. Wynne and Smoky stayed together for the next two years of the war, and the little dog survived the heat, limited food rations, typhoons, air raids, combat missions and even a 30ft parachute jump she had her own special parachute.

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Wynne credits his dog with saving his life by guiding him away from incoming fire on a transport ship. The statue features the tiny dog sitting inside a combat helmet, smiling her trademark smile. A bullet hit Nemo in the muzzle, but the brave dog stayed strong and charged 4 gunmen, giving Thorneburg, who was shot in the shoulder, enough time to call for reinforcements.

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Nemo lived out the rest of his life in Lackland, in his own special kennel, and served as an inspiration for countless handlers-in-training. Some of the surviving dogs who did not return were euthanized or left in Vietnam, despite the protests of their handlers. President Clinton signed that legislation into law in , ensuring the dogs now serving in the U. They worked together to find firearms, ammunition and explosives. While on patrol in Muhammad Sath, Iraq on July 6th, , Wiens and Cooper were killed by an improvised explosive device.

Army Spc. Kory Wiens and his military working canine Cooper take a break after searching a house for weapons and homemade explosives in Arab Jabour, southern Baghdad, Iraq, during operations June 29, S Army photo by Spc. Olanrewaju Akinwunmi www. Again, thank you to all of the men and women — and animals — who served our country so bravely. We salute you. And so the Odyssey speaks urgently to our times. The Odyssey invites us to ask: can soldiers ever, truly, return home?

Will they "recognise" their family, and vice versa? Can they survive not just the war itself, but the war's aftermath? The Odyssey says: you thought it was tough getting through the war. Now, see if you can get through the nostos — the homecoming. The invisible, interior wounds of veterans have long been recognised. The Odyssey is an intensely human story. The poem is as full of twists and turns as the questing mind of its hero. Along the poem's dizzying pathways we are constantly reminded of what this story might have been if Odysseus' intelligence and self-control had been a degree meaner.

And then how Orestes, Agamemnon's son, avenged his father by killing both his mother and her lover. The insistent intrusion of this story into the Odyssey fulfils twin roles. It tells us this: unless you play things right, you'll be destroyed at home — even though you won the war.

Odysseus is no fool.

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He does not return to his kingdom ostentatiously, as Agamemnon did. Fittingly for the warrior who invented the Trojan horse, who is skilled in subterfuge and military intelligence, he sneaks in, disguised in rags. He goes not to his own palace, but to the cottage of Eumaeus, a swineherd.

Penelope is indeed strong and true: she has kept the suitors at bay for a decade. In Finkel's book there is a heartrending story of a war widow who, though she keeps her husband's ashes close, is at some level convinced he is alive and nearby, preparing to come back home, but biding his time; she waits patiently, loyally. Penelope, under increasing pressure to choose a husband from among the suitors, sets them a challenge. Whoever can string the great bow of Odysseus, left behind for 20 years, and shoot an arrow through the 12 axe heads that Telemachus sets out, shall win her as his bride.

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In turn, the suitors try the task, and fail. Odysseus, wrapped in filthy rags, the butt of the suitors' contempt, stands up to attempt the feat. Easily, he strings the bow and flies an arrow, swift and shrill as a swallow, through the axe heads. Then, without a beat, he takes another arrow and switches his aim to one of the suitors' ringleaders, Antinous, who is tilting a goblet to his lips. Odysseus gets him right through his exposed neck: in one side, out the other, and the blood fountains forth. Then the bloodbath begins — or rather, a battle, the war brought literally home.

The remaining suitors get their hands on weapons. Odysseus, aided by Telemachus, engages them. The father and son are vastly outnumbered: but they have a god on their side.

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Athene, in human disguise, weighs in. Soon the great hall is a charnel house. Afterwards, Telemachus orders the disloyal maids to clean up the bodies and the gore.

Then he takes them outside and hangs them. They twitch helplessly in their death throes, like thrushes in a snare. In Finkel's book there is a veteran who, after an injury, has no sensation or movement on his left side. Out and about, he wears a specially printed T-shirt. On the back: "I took a bullet in the head for mine" — a gesture of suppressed fury if ever there was one. In the Odyssey , people tell each other stories about the war.

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When Odysseus himself ends up in the land of the Phaeacians, his last adventure before he finally reaches his homeland, he conceals his true identity. Entertained at the royal court, he asks the blind bard, Demodocus, to sing of the exploits of the Greeks at Troy. He does so in the late Robert Fagles' translation :. Telling stories about the war is also one way of understanding the nature of Greek tragedy, the art form that matured in Athens some years after the Homeric epics were written down. The earliest playwright whose works survive complete is Aeschylus.

His trilogy, the Oresteia , first performed in BC, is an expansion of the story of Agamemnon's return, taking its cue from the Odyssey.

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Like the Oresteia , many of the works of the tragedians are sequels or prequels to the stories of the Trojan war, tying up the epics' loose ends, spiralling out from their stories to go down narrative byways of their own making. He vows to kill the Greek leaders — but is sent mad by Athene, and massacres livestock instead of men, before committing suicide. It is no coincidence that this last drama has, over the past weeks, been staged in London, rewritten for our times as Our Ajax by Timberlake Wertenbaker.

Suicide is now as threatening to soldiers as bombs and guns. The causes of war, the collateral damage of war, the ghastly aftermath of war, the devastating impact of war on the self: this is Greek tragedy's stock in trade.


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The first audiences of these plays were, too, steeped in war. In the years following the victory, Athens pursued a policy of aggressive imperial expansion and overseas intervention, culminating in the outbreak of the Peloponnesian war with Sparta in , which lasted, on and off, until Athens' army consisted of its citizens. None was untouched by war. Even that most pacific of philosophers Socrates had served in the Athenian army and — we learn in Plato's Symposium — saved the life of Alcibiades at the battle of Potidaea in BC.